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Monday, October 25, 2004

Ben Franklin's Kite

NP- Ben Franklin's Kite
by Something Corporate

I started a vast search for even more Something Corporate songs and found this among the songs I don't already have. Tricky little buggers get past me sometimes :P. Awesome song, those who can should try to find it. It's on their first CD 'ready...break' that they releaced forever ago. I think I have all of it now :) Still trying to get Live in Fillmore, which I might end up buying off ebay.

I've been working on a few songs recently, not quite done (either lyrics or music isn't finished). I'll have to post them whenever I get them done.

Saturday was one of those long days that lasted forever. In a good way though. It seems like life is actually starting to turn out alright *knock on wood*. Alright means not overwhelming and more fun then it used to be. Because heaven knows that my life is great, it's just a little better now :).

It was Brooke's birthday on Saturday, so we celebrated her B-day throughout the day. You could tell she loved the extra attention and was being pretty good all day long. Talked to Kara and Jessie a little throughout the day. Left for the dance around 8:30 and picked up Mariah. Met Trish there and the three of us hung out during the dance. Kara didn't end up going this time, which made it a little different then normal.

The three of us just hung out and had fun the whole time. I danced every slow dance like I normally do. Music sucked more then normal.

And I swear, I knew at least half of everyone there. Kinda scary/cool at the same time. I know too many people :).

Need a band. Might bug Dave to play piano.



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