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Saturday, October 23, 2004


by Something Corporate
NP-My Hero
by Foo Fighers

Two songs, Unravel was a quiet reminder (as Something Corporate always is) putting things back into perspective again. My Hero is an amazing song which sounds even better acoustic. Foo Fighers should be thanked for opening a door to a lot of our modern Alternative music. Nirvana and Foo Fighers defined grunge.

Wow, a whole week... this could take a while...

Monday... geez I can't even remember. Mitch and I goofed off Tuesday night and bailed out of mutual right after cleanup was somewhat done then we walked home and talked and crap. Paid a visit to my home teaching companion just because we could. Then while I was walking home, ran into three girls from Nevada. Their ages ranged from 14-17 and we talked for a little bit. They were in town for the next few weeks, kinda fun to talk to strangers.

Wednesday I finished my first deadline. Chelsey and I basically finished it quick, quality was a little... lacking I guess you could say. Dan came over later and we jammed. He just put in his CD and said 'Here's the chord progression, play it'. So, I did just that. Learned a tad bit about soloing and kept working on my rhythem and barre chords. I really really wanna find some band and play rhythem for them. Starting my own isn't a great idea right now, simply because everyone I know who plays is new at the guitar. Kimball plays Bass quite well, but I am yet to find a percussionist or a possible second guitarist. Mitch doesnt know how to play well enough yet. Kassie can play Bass too, but she's pissed at me for some reason.

Regardless, the point is: I need some band to play with.

Thursday some stuff happened. I don't remember what nor do I care aparently because I don't remember. Gall I love my selective memory.

Friday (today) was actually the best day i've had in a while. First period was quite laid back, English was writing something I enjoyed writing (my description of fall, those of you who know me or who have ever red anything i've written can guess how I wrote that one...). Third period, French, I just talked to Rachell the whole time while working (a little). During lunch, Emalee, Alyson, and I hung out and just had fun. Yearbook I worked at organizing the pictures then Chelsey and I walked and talked afterwards like we normally do.

After school, kinda hung out at home. Trish couldn't do anything (again), so Kimball and I shot pool during the evening. It's so awesome to be able to just get away for a while and hang out with him. Knowing that we won't have to worry about anything huge and dramatic happening with us, we just play the game and enjoy it. Talk about a bunch of different stuff and realize how stupid things can be. And that was my evening.

If there is one band that never ceases to amaze me, it's Thrice. I love those guys and they're definately on my top 5 list of best bands ever. I'm listening to their live stuff now that they played with Thursday... so good. Also listening a little to Finch, I need to listen to them more.



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