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Monday, March 07, 2005

This Will Be The Day That I Die

NP- American Pie
by Don McLean
This has definitely been a very very long, hard week...
Tuesday I got into big trouble and being unhappy carried onto Wednesday. Had my last guitar lesson before Dan leaves for Idaho and broke two D strings before the lesson even began, meaning that I couldn't use my SG to play, so we played an 'unplugged' performance and just kinda played an acoustic set which was kinda cool.
Thursday I was feeling a little under the weather and so I stayed home from school. Fortunate that I was there because my dad had to leave suddenly because my Grandpa (Will) had a stroke. Later that evening, still not feeling well, I went to go take pictures for the production of Once On This Island. That was kinda fun, but I kinda had trouble finding a ride home, so I was the absolute last person who was there.
Driving home, I found out that my grandpa was going to die...
They had essentially done everything they could for him. All his kids were called and so they could see him one last time before he died. He passed away at six o clock the following morning.
Before Grandpa had died, he was headed to the temple. He popped in a copy of his favorite Don McLean tape, set to the tune of American Pie and headed to the temple. Kind of ironic that the last song he heard contained the lyrics of 'This will be the day that I die'.
He had his stroke inside the temple. When they found him, he had his temple recommend tightly clenched in one hand, and his favorite candy 'Red Hots' in the other.  I really can't think of a better way to go then headed to the temple, I'm sure that definitely gave him major kudos points in heaven :).
Friday I wasn't feeling too well at all and was sick for the majority of the day. Later during the evening, I felt a whole lot better though, which was definitely a good thing. We didn't end up going to Salt Lake to see my Grandma (Marie) because they were in the process of planning the funeral and stuff, so we planned on heading up Saturday instead. I'd called Trish to see what was up with her and stuff and we talked for about an hour. Then Dan stopped by with Monica on his way back to Idaho to check up on us and see how we were holding up. It was really cool that he stopped by. We talked for a while about a ton of different stuff. Gall, I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss seeing that guy every week.
Jordan and Olivia came home with my Dad a little later in the evening and spent the night at our house. I called Trish back and we stayed up till about midnight just talking about everything and being kinda random. Both of us were totally wasted so I don't know how much of the conversation made sense ;). So after talking for about four hours, we finally got off (I thought I heard my mom coming down the stairs, so we had to cut the conversation off in fear of me getting into trouble for being on the phone too late :P. ) Jord and I watched a movie then headed to bed around 1:30 or so.
I'm kinda tired... so I'm calling this rant a 'to be continued' rant :P.


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