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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


NP-Cavanaugh Park
by Something Corporate
Today was one of my 'better' Mondays.
Went to school and fought to stay awake during seminary. Then went through Biology and just talked with Chelsey like usual. Got 100% on my Math Quiz today (miracle) and got the majority of my homework finished already. Then at lunch I was standing in line with Dave and some girl randomly jumps on me. At first I didn't realize who it was, but then I could tell it was Mariah. Her and Trish had left school early because of the High School Basketball Game and decided to come up. So we hung out during lunch and a bit into last period, which was a blast. Thanks you guys, you made my day.
Went over to my grandparents and helped them out, then worked a little on homework and played guitar for the rest of the evening. Then I was sick of the way my computer looked, so I changed a buncha stuff so it looks like an Apple now (I'll get a screen up when I'm unlazy). Then, settled down to watch the rest of Runaway Jury.
Wrote a tad bit a little earlier today, it's half decent and I might be able to use a bit of it, who knows.
Getting a little bit of sleep before tomorrow.


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