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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Inspiration Drawn From A Mannequin...

NP-Holiday From Real (still)
by Jack's Mannequin
Alright, this is one of my abstract thinking rants on nothing.
I can't get enough of Jack's Mannequin, I'm itching for their new CD to come out and for them to go on tour. There has seriously never been a more inspirational band for me ever. These guys have totally influenced my style of creating music and writing for the better. Bands like this I hope totally take off and do extremely well.
There's a ton of inspiration that I've drawn from tons of places. Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate influencing both my writing and playing very dramatically. Other bands who have influenced my writing and playing have been Counting Crows, Brand New, The Trademark (my dropped D hero's), Motion City Soundtrack, and Weezer. There's others of course, but those are some off the top of my head.
Also a lot of people have been really influential and/or supportive. First off, my Grandfather who gave me my first guitar that was worth more money then most of the items I own, Dan Lisee for being an awesome teacher and totally 100% being behind me and always encouraging me to be a better guitarist. First person to encourage me to sing as well (still encourages me to sing). He's also entirely to blame for introducing me to some older music (thank you for classic Ozzy :P). And most importantly, always willing to help me with absolutely anything. My family is also a big part of my music, always supportive of me and everything I do. I know they'd totally support me on any direction guitar takes me (unless its drugs, sex, and prison :P). Also, thanks to anyone who's taken me through hell and back, broken my heart, saved me, loved me, been my friend, given me someone to hate, ect. You people give me something to write about :P
I've been in a writers block recently. It's pretty bad too, I can't write the way I want to at all and its really ticking me off. I swear I will never finish Williams Lullaby. Everything that was originally with it I've totally scrapped cause I decided it either didn’t fit, or was total crap. I'll be prewriting my ass off for a while trying to get it all to fit right and by the time I'm finished with that poor little piece of paper, it will probably be black and gray all over and have holes in it from writing and erasing so much :P. I need to try the 'play the music and sing along to generate lyrics' method, cause I had something half decent last time I tried that, yet didn’t write anything down...
Recording gear should be purchased in a little over a week hopefully. From there, I'll get my microphones for recording my acoustic/vocals and play around with some stuff. Should be fun!


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