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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Finishing up the week

NP-Holiday For Real
by Jack's Mannequin
Just FYI, this song came out today (finally). I've been waiting for new Jack's Mannequin material for a very long time. Can't wait for them to start touring. If I had a car and the time, I'd drive to Texas to see their first show.
Saturday we all went up and basically said hi to the whole family supporting each other and stuff. After we got home, Jordan and I went to a local concert to kinda perk ourselves up. We met Trish, Mariah, Mikelle, Bethany, Kassie, and Mitch to go see The Trademark with a bunch of other bands. It was a really cool show and I probably spent way too much money. I got a bunch of autographs and got to talk to the guys from The Trademark, Allred, and Return To Sender. It was surprising to see how down to earth they were, which was cool.
Sunday we had a sacrament meeting with the family at Grandma's house. It was really a neat thing to me and a great way to remember Grandpa and stuff. The viewing was also that night, but I really do not like viewings at all, regardless of who it is. It essentially just gets me upset and doesn't give me any kind of closure. So I waited out in the car with my little sister (who was asleep) and just listened to the radio the whole time.
Monday was the funeral. Not much to say about it. I really don't like funerals. To me it focuses too much on the death of an individual (even though the focus is supposedly on the life). After the funeral, Steve and I went to go get some guitar strings down at Guitar Center because I needed them for a competition I had in two days. So we got the strings and went back to grandma's and stuff. Hung out there for a little while and was just kinda lazy. Then we said goodbye to everyone and left for home.
Tuesday was a really long day. Still sick and stuff, who knows how late I slept in. Later in the evening I went to a percussion concert with Trish, which even though the concert wasn't that interesting, it was nice to get out of the house and see her.
Wednesday I had my competition. We did pretty well (though the solo's were terrible). By the end of the day I was extremely worn out so I slept from like 6-10.
Thursday I woke up extremely late again and we went to the mall. I sat out in the car with my little sister and listened to X96 some more. Then we went in and grabbed some food. I made it back later in the evening and kinda just hung out and stuff till about seven. Then went over to Trish's for her surprise party.
Today was another lazy day. I woke up yet again, extremely late, and kinda hung out all day long doing random nothingness. Today really was a huge waste of a day, all I did productive was to clean the kitchen. I got kinda frustrated with guitar tonight, I'm really in a mood to start recording and stuff finally...
Tonight sucked. I was just kinda depressed and stuck at home and frustrated with my writing/playing abilities... damn creative people have to be so inspiring when I can't do or write jackshit...*sigh*
I'm getting to bed before I do something stupid.


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