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Friday, November 05, 2004


NP- Dare You To Move
by Switchfoot

As over played as that song is, I still love it for some reason. I have way too much to catch up on, mostly due to my MSN browser being stupid and not letting me get into my weblog...

I don't think I'm gonna bother with a daily acount of everything that's happened over UEA, because truth be told, not a lot happened. Didn't really go anywhere. Halloween, I stayed home and talked to Jessie on the phone for a few hours, which was still fun. Yet, it wasn't going out somewhere and having a good time, which is what both of us should have been doing :).

Mariah was out of town and Trish was out of matinence recovering from her surgery, so we couldn't do anything together either, Kara was out with Zach, no clue where Kimball was, and Emmalee and Allison were gone somewhere too...

School has been so-so, Algebra II is a major pain in the butt, didn't do so great this semester in that class. Got a C+, not a good thing...

Tonight was pretty casual. After school, I practiced guitar for about three hours or so. Worked a tiny bit on Obvious (with vocals) just to make sure I could do it perfectly (that song is way too easy). I'll be playing Obvious with Mitch, The River (acoustic) with my dad on Harmonica, and a solo of Dare You To Move. Should be fun this Tuesday.

Tomorrow is the 9th Grade Night Dance, get out of school all day to decorate and crap. Should be fun, hopefully better then our last school dance *ick*



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