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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back Home

Np- Live in Fillmore (whole album)
by Something Corporate

One of my new favorite websites:

Has everything, mp3's that I spent a long time searching for, wallpapers, countless live concerts, everything... I feel so happy now. Thanks to these guys, I got the Live In Filmore EP.

Bad news that I wasn't aware of, William Tell left Something Corporate back in January and did his own solo career thing...

Anyways, onto life. Friday night I saw Bethany and went over to her place to watch The Terminal. It was great seeing her again.

Saturday was our goodbyes and the long drive back. We got stuck in a snowstorm in Cedar City and had to spend the night. Then today, took the final home stretch and made it home.

It was so great to finally get home, talked to Trisha for the first time in a while and went to my grandparents house and ate. Played my guitar for who knows how long. Then I've been amp hunting all night long. I'm tired and wanna listen to Live at Fillmore. Soooooooo... bye ;)



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