Pyro's Life: Day two </A>

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Day two

NP- When in Doubt
by Thousand Foot Krutch
Today was another long day, I'm wasted.
Woke up around 9 or so and got stuff ready to leave from Vegas and head to Redlands. Finally after about three hours in the car listening to music and enjoying the ride (the better part of the trip through the mountains to get to California) we made it to Kelly's house. Settled in and I got Jordan's guitar as fast as I could and tuned it and played... a lot.
After playing for a while, we ate and stuff, then just kinda hung out and stuff for a while till the dance started. Bethany and I were going to hang out but that never ended up happening cause of lack of time. So I am guessing we're just gonna hang out next week or something.
Went to the Stake Dance around 8. For the most part, it was kinda dull only cause I couldn't let loose and have fun with my friends (other then Jordan and Jamison). Though, the slow dances were great cause I could get a chance to meet new people.
I met this awesome girl named Heather who I got to dance with. She's fifteen and she was a total babe. She pretty much made the whole night worthwhile. If I'm lucky, Jamison knows who she is.
Alright, well its like one in the morning so Im getting to bed.


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