Pyro's Life: 7 hours to Vegas </A>

Friday, November 19, 2004

7 hours to Vegas

NP-7 hours worth of songs from various artists while traveling in the car
by Various Artists
Today was one of those extremely longs days. Not necessarily a bad day or a good day, just a long day. Woke up round nine or so and got stuff packed and ready, then hopped in the car and took off towards our hotel in Vegas. Listened to music in the car for pretty much the whole time. Utah's really boring to drive through, almost as bad as Wyoming and Idaho (no offense to anyone from those states).
After seven hours-ish, we made it to Vegas and our hotel. Plan is to leave tomorrow and take about a four hour drive to California. Then tomorrow, going to the stake dance with Jordan and Jamison. Should be fun!


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