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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Day whatever

NP-Take Control
by Weezer
I'm extremely wasted...
Sunday we ended up skipping church (well, everyone but Katie) and so I stayed at Kelly's and watched Finding Nemo. After they got back, we ate some ribs and then took off from Redlands to Anaheim. Then we went to Disneyland for a day. It was later, so we just did a little bit of each park. Went on Tower of Terror, which in my opinion was kinda lame... I expected one huge elevator drop but instead, it was a series of little falls and rises.
Went across to Disneyland from California Adventure. Hit a couple different rides, among them was The Haunted Mansion, which was extremely awesome this year. For the holiday season, they redid the entire thing in the theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I think I rode that one two or three times that evening.
Whats up with everyone liking that movie anyways? lol, Allison and Emmalee, we might have to watch that one when I get back cause I haven't seen it for a while.
Monday we pretty much did the same thing. 'Cept we thoroughly explored Disneyland and didn't go to California Adventure. I got this awesome Jack (Skeleton) hoodie, cost a mint though, like 45 bucks...
Today we went to California Adventure and pretty much nailed everything there too. Tomorrow's plan is to hit anything we might have missed, and hit our favorites again. Miss everyone back home, hopefully you're all doing well.


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