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Thursday, November 18, 2004


NP- I Woke Up In A Car
by Something Corporate

I've been offline for a little while due to comptuer difficulties. Finally got her back up in working condition and online at a stable state on Tuesday.

Not a whole lot to recap. Friday night I hung out with Allison, Emmalee and Kimball all night long. Saturday I went to Best Buy to get my PC fixed (thank goodness it came with a 3 year PSP). Rest of the week was school, not fun.

Today though, was somewhat half decent. Reality town was today (a basic simulation and lame attempt at trying to get us to discover what real life is like), which turned out better then I thought it would. Dave and I decided not to go with the system and try something different. Before purchasing a home, car, groceries, anything that we essentially needed for our wife and kids, we decided to play the Stock Market.

After purchasing 80 Sony shares at $10 each, we sold when the stock rose to $14 a share. Made money off that, decided to better purchase a home. We both went with the least expensive home possible, a moble home :). Spent about one grand on shares again and made more money. Bought a Jeep (for those of you who know me really well, you know the why a Jeep is significant ;) ) and went back to the Stock Market again. Bought 150 Circuit City shares for $5 each. Sold when it reached ten and made lots more money :).

We then decided that we didn't need all our money, regardless of the fact that we hadn't paid any insurance on anything, bought zero food, paid no utilities, did nothing we were supposed to. So we gave all our money away to charity. Meaning I gave the $3700 I made off the Stock Market to charity at the end of the little simulation.

Dave and I should be Stockbrokers ;)

Rest of the day was alright. Jammed after school and gathered a group of people into the room I was practicing in. Mike Huestis came in and kicked them all out (I don't like that bas...*ahem* mean person).

Came home and packed and cleaned for the rest of the evening. Made 170 dollars on ebay today from sales. Talked to Mariah on the phone for a little bit and she said bye to me for the next week or two. I can't wait for California. If Jessie and I don't make it to Hawaii for some reason, we'll probably end up there, right Jessie ;).

It'll be a great week or two. I have a stake dance in Calif on Saturday, and I get to see all my friends in California again. I can't wait. Steve let me borrow his ipod for the trip, which helps the ride go faster.

Don't know how often I'll be updating, depends where I get an internet connection (hotel, possibly Kelly or Becky's) and if I have the time. So, I'll see you guys back home in a few weeks, hope you're Thanksgiving goes well. Trish and Mariah, don't have too much fun at the Yellowcard concert. I'm still holding out for a Something Corporate concert (none scheduled in Utah as of current).



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