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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


NP-Globes and Maps
by Something Corporate

The last little while has been extremely draining. Saturday was a laid back kinda day lucky for me. Trish, Mikelle and I hit Spiderman II later in the evening, which was fun. Monday was my overload day, got through school (barely), almost fell asleep in English again, met my deadline for English.

Went to my grandpa's to mow the lawn for probably what will be the last day this season that I can. Came home and played with my new guitar pedal that came in the mail that same day.

I was a little PO'ed about my pedal. When it arived, it had some kinda crap like something was spilled on it and some kinda animal hair on it... on top of that, the included 'free cable' was shorted out... talk about low quality crap. Pedal fortunately, after I cleaned it off, worked nicely. Cable, not working... I emailed the dude requesting that something be done and he hasn't gotten back to me yet.

My stupid HP Pavilion is randomly dying on me... not fun. Just shuts down when memory is a little demanding. I get to make the chore of calling HP tomorrow and sorting that mess out. Have some stuff to ebay too cause i'm in need of some c45h.

Did homework till 12:30 ish... not fun.

Today... good heck...

Long day, bad day.

I can't even pinpoint why, school just seemed not to end. Seminary made me feel like I was living life wrong (again), came home and got into an argument with my mom. I kinda unloaded all my overwhelmed not-happyness onto her, which I shouldn't have done.

Went and practiced for the talent show with Mitch. Used mic's, which I don't really use a whole ton at home. Talent show sucked. Mitch had trouble following a rhythem when playing the song, meaning he got lost and the whole thing screwed up. Then when we played Space, he strummed random chords, which threw me off rhythem, which screwed it all up...

Lucky for me, I was redeamed by playing Come Come Ye Saints with my dad. I played acoustic and my dad played harmonica. It really turned out quite cool.

Now, I'm at home. Just wanting to lay down and die from exhaustion. Yet, I keep myself up reading Ch5 of Megatokyo. Should be reading the scriptures or something, but I'm too lazy to type in or to find a pair. So MT it is tonight.

I know, I'm a terrible mormon boy. Oh well, I'll repent ;)



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