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Friday, November 05, 2004

Ditching the Dance

NP- 88
by Sum 41

Today was a pretty slow nice casual day. Decorated for the dance most of the day. Blasted music and got ready for the dance. Not a bad way to spend a Friday ;). Mr. Smith made us stay for his Algebra II class though, not fun...

After that I hung out at home and stuff till the dance. Talked to Mitch about the Sum 41 concert, which he said was awesome. He sent me a ton of pictures and stuff of it too, which was cool. He got a picture of Benji (from Good Charlotte) as well as his autograph when he went backstage. Freaking awesome...

Went to the dance and picked up Dave cause he needed a ride. The dance majorly sucked. No one danced, not many people came, music sucked too... I don't know. The whole thing was terrible. Allison and Emmalee came to the dance and so I left with them and wandered outside the school grounds and talked and stuff. There was this stupid hall monitor lady who pisses the heck out of me and kept bugging us about where we were and what we were doing. I swear, she was up our butt the entire night. She even came outside so I told her my parents were comming. Which, they were eventually, right?

Anyways, just hung out with them all night and had fun. Long night and I'm exhausted... In the mood to write for some reason, so I believe I'm going to do so.



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