Pyro's Life: October 2004 </A>

Saturday, October 30, 2004

I Woke Up In a Car

NP-I Woke Up In A Car
by Something Corporate

I love this song, just because of the picture it paints in my head. I would love to be the person in this song, it's just awesome.

'Well I woke up in a car
I traced a way to fall
So i could see the mississippi on her knees
I've never been so lost
I've never felt so much at home
Please write my folks and throw away my keys
I woke up in a car
I woke up in a car'

Traveling has always been one of those things I've dreamed of doing. I would love to just go on one long road trip accross the US with a friend or two and just let loose and have fun. Stop at whatever place we run into, see whatever we want to see, listening to music while we drive, just have fun. Take a few months off of life and explore the States.

My oversea's dreams of going to Japan are also something that I want to do. Experiencing a different culture like that would be really cool. Spend a few weeks there and just learn and enjoy the culture. I'm excited to be able to drive. Hopefully the summer after High School, I'll be able to do one of the two.

I'm kinda needing some extra cash... I have a few things I need to buy. First priority is to pay off my mom for my Gibson SG (still owe her 50 bux) then I get to save up for my MG50DFX ($370), my Danelectro Daddy O Distortion pedal (30ish), I also think it would be cool to buy a Epiphone Les Paul 100, rip out the POS pickups, and customize it like crazy. That little project would probably cost me $200...

Anyways, point is, a job would be awesome.

Alright, this week that I've missed due to tiredness and a buncha other excuses... I'm lazy and can't think of anything specific to say. Yesterday I went to Aaron's and played iRO and fixed my computer (IT RUNS AND IT LOOKS PRETTY NOW!). Went to bed around 3:15 in the morning. Woke up and headed home, just hung out all day and helped with the kids. Called everyone to see if they could do anything. Of course, they were either not home, going somewhere else, out of town, with their boyfriends, or recovering from surgery. So, I called Mitch and he brough his guitar and amp and we jammed all night. We successfully played Obvious (Blink-182) and just goofed off and had fun. The only problem with playing with Mitch is his ability to play anything at a somewhat fast speed or with too many chord changes. Meaning, my options were a little shot...

Regardless, it was fun. We just goofed off and had a good time. No drama (like there ever is any with Mitch, lol) or anything to stop us from having a good time.

Tried to call Jessie, but she wasn't home. So I explored ebay a little for guitar stuff. Now, I don't really wanna go to bed quite yet, so I'll probably play Metroid Prime before I go to sleep :P. Gall, I missed playing games, it's weird to play since I rarely used to.


Monday, October 25, 2004

Ben Franklin's Kite

NP- Ben Franklin's Kite
by Something Corporate

I started a vast search for even more Something Corporate songs and found this among the songs I don't already have. Tricky little buggers get past me sometimes :P. Awesome song, those who can should try to find it. It's on their first CD 'ready...break' that they releaced forever ago. I think I have all of it now :) Still trying to get Live in Fillmore, which I might end up buying off ebay.

I've been working on a few songs recently, not quite done (either lyrics or music isn't finished). I'll have to post them whenever I get them done.

Saturday was one of those long days that lasted forever. In a good way though. It seems like life is actually starting to turn out alright *knock on wood*. Alright means not overwhelming and more fun then it used to be. Because heaven knows that my life is great, it's just a little better now :).

It was Brooke's birthday on Saturday, so we celebrated her B-day throughout the day. You could tell she loved the extra attention and was being pretty good all day long. Talked to Kara and Jessie a little throughout the day. Left for the dance around 8:30 and picked up Mariah. Met Trish there and the three of us hung out during the dance. Kara didn't end up going this time, which made it a little different then normal.

The three of us just hung out and had fun the whole time. I danced every slow dance like I normally do. Music sucked more then normal.

And I swear, I knew at least half of everyone there. Kinda scary/cool at the same time. I know too many people :).

Need a band. Might bug Dave to play piano.


Saturday, October 23, 2004


by Something Corporate
NP-My Hero
by Foo Fighers

Two songs, Unravel was a quiet reminder (as Something Corporate always is) putting things back into perspective again. My Hero is an amazing song which sounds even better acoustic. Foo Fighers should be thanked for opening a door to a lot of our modern Alternative music. Nirvana and Foo Fighers defined grunge.

Wow, a whole week... this could take a while...

Monday... geez I can't even remember. Mitch and I goofed off Tuesday night and bailed out of mutual right after cleanup was somewhat done then we walked home and talked and crap. Paid a visit to my home teaching companion just because we could. Then while I was walking home, ran into three girls from Nevada. Their ages ranged from 14-17 and we talked for a little bit. They were in town for the next few weeks, kinda fun to talk to strangers.

Wednesday I finished my first deadline. Chelsey and I basically finished it quick, quality was a little... lacking I guess you could say. Dan came over later and we jammed. He just put in his CD and said 'Here's the chord progression, play it'. So, I did just that. Learned a tad bit about soloing and kept working on my rhythem and barre chords. I really really wanna find some band and play rhythem for them. Starting my own isn't a great idea right now, simply because everyone I know who plays is new at the guitar. Kimball plays Bass quite well, but I am yet to find a percussionist or a possible second guitarist. Mitch doesnt know how to play well enough yet. Kassie can play Bass too, but she's pissed at me for some reason.

Regardless, the point is: I need some band to play with.

Thursday some stuff happened. I don't remember what nor do I care aparently because I don't remember. Gall I love my selective memory.

Friday (today) was actually the best day i've had in a while. First period was quite laid back, English was writing something I enjoyed writing (my description of fall, those of you who know me or who have ever red anything i've written can guess how I wrote that one...). Third period, French, I just talked to Rachell the whole time while working (a little). During lunch, Emalee, Alyson, and I hung out and just had fun. Yearbook I worked at organizing the pictures then Chelsey and I walked and talked afterwards like we normally do.

After school, kinda hung out at home. Trish couldn't do anything (again), so Kimball and I shot pool during the evening. It's so awesome to be able to just get away for a while and hang out with him. Knowing that we won't have to worry about anything huge and dramatic happening with us, we just play the game and enjoy it. Talk about a bunch of different stuff and realize how stupid things can be. And that was my evening.

If there is one band that never ceases to amaze me, it's Thrice. I love those guys and they're definately on my top 5 list of best bands ever. I'm listening to their live stuff now that they played with Thursday... so good. Also listening a little to Finch, I need to listen to them more.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Not creative enough for a title, but Jessie came!

NP-Tomorrow I'll Be You
by Thursday

Friday, I was supposed to be doing homework all day. I kinda did, but kinda didn't as well. Talked to Jessie on the phone for a little while and played guitar inbetween doing homework (who can work ALL day long? Crazy huh?).

Well, after procrastinating for a while, I realized I needed a break so I decided to go down to my local Walmart with my mother. We came back and I went to the varsity game with Mitch because everyone else was at Mikelle's for her birthday. So, we went for about half the game. Decided the game sucked, so we left.

While waiting for our ride to come, I was supposed to call Mariah's cell. So I did and talked to Kara for a little while before I left. Then Mitch and I went to see Spiderman 2 and didn't get home till like 11:35 ish. It was fun.

Jessie (Jackman) came to my house at about ten in the morning. It was great to see her again, I've missed her. Her and I just sat and talked for a little over an hour which was cool. Then we called Trisha, Kara and Katy to let them know Jessie was over here. Kara came a little bit later, followed shortly by Katy. We just goofed off for a little bit. Kara had a project for Zoology and Botany where she had to collect bugs. So, we went out and searched after Katy left. After finding creative ways to move a huge granite rock, getting countless spiders, and Kara getting stuck in a tree, we came back inside and just sat and talked. Jessie had to leave at like 2:30 or so, which really sucked. So we said our goodbyes and Kara and I went back downstairs and kept talking. Eventually, we ended up at Kara's house and kept talking and I helped her on her project some more. Had dinner over there and left a little before nine. Spent the rest of the evening at home with my mom and sister and watched a movie

Well, that was my fun-filled weekend :)


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up...

NP-In This Diary
by The Ataris

I really like that song for some reason. Reminds me of a lot of things.

Today I stayed home and prepared for the carpet to be put into my room. The guys never ended up comming because they had been set back by other appointments. So, they're comming tomorrow and I am doing the stupid thing and missing French tomorrow.

Went to mutual tonight and had a dance at the developmental center to help out the patients there. Mitch and I once again got to head band to the hokey pokey and country music. Goofing off with Mitch is always fun :).

Went to Mitch's after to restring his guitar. I also borrowed Maladroit by Weezer and Warning by Green Day. Came back home and called Jessie (Jackman).

I woke her up, she went to bed early because she has to travel early in the morning (because she's comming to Utah tomorrow, thats why I had to call her). I apologized and said I can call her later, but she didn't seem to care so we just talked. I love talking to her, she's just so easy to talk with. We talked about a lot of stuff, I was on with her for about two hours or so. We didn't get off till about midnight. She's just so amazing, I swear. I don't even know what it is about her, but I love it.

Well, I'm tired and I'm listening to Weezer, so I'm gonna get.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Another week away...

NP Angels With Dirty Faces-
by Sum 41

I decided I owe it to myself and everyone else to actually update this thing. Chuck came out today, I've already listened to it four times in a row in a period of 2-3 hours or so. Great CD, but I don't think it tops American Idiot.

I really respect Sum 41. Even though they are a mainstream band (I refuse to call them Pop Punk, especially after their new CD), they have good work. Their lead guitarist Dave (not their lead vocalist Deryck) is a really amazing guitarist.

Well, quick cap over the week. I'm tired and wanna sleep but I make myself do this out of a will to punish myself.

Friday I fought as hard as I could to go to the game with Trisha and everyone instead of going on a campout with the Teacher's Quorum. My dad wouldn't budge so I had to go on the campout. Wasn't too bad actually, though I would have rather gone to the game. Mitch and I listened to Sum 41 and Green Day the entire time. We had a trading blanket in the evening and Mitch ended up getting a Marshmallow Gun. Let me tell you now, those things hurt like a mother. I had a welt on my cheek from him hitting me with a tiny little marshmallow.

I hate sleeping when I camp. I was laying on two huge rocks right by my head. Meaning truth be told I guess, I didn't really sleep.

Woke up on Saturday and kept on listening to music. Practiced for a big mountain man relay thingy where we did all these mountain man events. During the actual event, Jared crossed this rope course thingy, then ran a bullet to Skyler who started a fire, who ran to David and they cut a log. Then after cutting the log, ran to Mitch who did archery, then to Dave to throw tomahawks, then to me to throw knives (I like throwing knives for two reasons. One, I'm good at it, two, I like feeling like I'm a ninja. ;) ). I ran the bullet to Mitch who shot it with a black powder rifle then ran down the hill to set off the trap and end our time. Our time blew everyone elses away by like two minutes. So we won like 100 shotgun shells and 100 clay pidgeons, which was cool.

Drove home and stopped off at Granny's in Heber for a shake, kept listening to music :).

Got home, got in the shower, then Dan and his family came. Felicia ended up tagging along with Kimball and I to go shoot some pool. Pool was fun, a nice little break from life (somewhat) and gave me something I haven't gotten to really do in a long time. Talk to Kimball.

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Nuff said.

Monday, Biology wasn't as fun as it normally is cause Chelsey wasn't there to talk to (but of course, there is always Arin to talk to which keeps things interesting all the time), Carrie wasn't in Algebra II either so it was a kinda slow day. I had a ton of homework, which I did quite a bit of. Then I was staining base boards for my room because carpet goes in on Wednesday. After that, I finished up more homework while talking to Bethany (Child) and went to bed.

Today was typical A day. Got up for Jazz Band and got a new song that is actually a challenge. 21 new chords which is awesome and will be hard work at the same time. Talked to Alyson really quick before school asked her if she was upto doing anything this weekend. I forgot how cute she was :)
Bryson and I practiced at lunch and then I sat through a 'how to use Adobe Page Maker' lecture in Yearbook. It actually IS kinda cool to learn how to use all these Adobe Apps, because normally people would be paying for lessons like that. And the fact that it's in yearbook and Chelsey and I just talk to each other the whole time probably helps speed class up just a touch.

Came home and worked on the base boards all day long. Ran to Home Depot around 8:30 to get some supplies and I stopped off at Wal-Mart to get Chuck. Saw Bethany and Cassie and talked to them for a little while. They had been searching Wal-Mart because they were ten cents off from being able to buy Bethany's hat or something along those lines. So I gave them a quarter and got like fifteen hugs and 'thank you so much, you're the best''s. Came home after getting Chuck and listened to it 4 times consecutively while working on my room. I'm ditching school tomorrow to move in after they put carpet in. Joy for me, I get to sleep in!

Can't wait to FINALLY move in tomorrow. I still have work afterwards though, including a closet door and a door to my room, shelves, finishing the window ceil, and some other little tasks. But after 9 months of waiting I finally move in!

I appologize for my lack of calling people lately, I really need to but I have been barely able to do homework. So, remember that I all owe you ;)


Friday, October 08, 2004

Greetings, from a cardboard box

NP-No Reason
by Sum 41

(off of Chuck, an awesome CD)

First off, my laptop is being gay. So I am running as many applications to clean out this POS and speed it up back to normal speed, hopefully even faster. Clean out all the crap... which is a major pain in the butt.


If I had an ipod, I could move like everything I need to off of this computer... might speed it up a whole lot too... I have like four gig dedicated to music :).

I'm glad my guitar doesn't act gay or slow down on me.

Hopefully my little medical procedures on this can help it speed up...

School was school. Chelsey and I pulled off our project and got full credit. A very good thing. Aparently there were Jazz Band Sectionals this morning at seven, not at seven at night. So, I missed those too. Practice tomorrow though, which I pray I won't miss again. Hopefully my ghetto alarm clock works.

Came home and went carpet shopping again. We FINALLY bought some! It's getting installed next Wednesday, meaning not too long till I can move in (finally). After that, went to Walmart forever. Came home and watched Joey, which is a really funny show, till like seven thirty. Called Jessie at 8:30, but no one was home. So, I went out into my car and played acoustic guitar for about an hour. After that little jam session, came in and started cleaning out my computer while listening to Chuck on The Leak. Quite a cool CD, awesome songs. Plus their guitarist is a bit better then the standard punk guitarists. His riffs are heavier. Sum 41's music kinda sounds like metal punk. The riffs are harder and the distortion is heavier. Dave Baksh is just plain cool plus I love his rig (those of you curious in his rig, check out .

Well, I'm headed off to bed so I can get up tomorrow.


Thursday, October 07, 2004

3 Hour Jam Session Can't Be Wrong

by Bruce Springsteen

Awesome song, has an awesome solo at the end (at least on the Life from NYC edition). Maybe someday I can do that ;).

Well, a lot to cover. Sunday was another session of General Conference, good session. Monday wasn't important, I can't remember any extremely cool crucial events. But then again, I can have short term memory and be dumb, so forget everything I just said.

Tuesday, went to a Leadership Conference at UVSC, good session, nice way to blow off the school day. Came home and went carpet shoping again. Gall, that is one of the biggest pains in the butt ever, its like shopping for a friggin car. Hopefully tomorrow, we can go back to the one place we were looking at and finally get some after the month long period that we have been waiting.

Went to mutual and lit things on fire. I did the best job. I like lighting things on fire and am very good at it.

Wednesday, typical school day. Watched the Vice Presidential debate. Cheney rules, that dude has the best debate skills in the world. I bet he could convince someone to like chew their own arm off or something. He's that good. Heck, maybe I'd chew my arm off if he convinced me to.
Then again, referring to the top, i'm stupid and not thinking today.

Missed Jazz band again. Dang alarm clock didn't go off. I hate that darn thing. I need a new one, but I don't wanna blow money on it. I have to save up for the Sum 41 concert which I am concidering going to. Thats on the second of next month, but I wanna find someone to go with me. I was going to go to the Yellowcard Concert with Trisha, but I will be in California, so I won't be able to go to that one. Green Day is also comming, but I might be out of town... dangit.

I really wanna go to a SoCo concert, but there aren't really any going right now. Blink concert might be scary, but a posibility.

Arin ditched us, so Chelsey and I ended up doing our project alone. A project I didn't even know existed until today. So, I wrote a quick little report and Chelsey did the harder part of the work. Thanks Chelsey, I owe you one.

I did some of my Algebra II homework too. I really tried to get it done. Then Dan came over and all thoughts of Algebra II vanished from my mind.

Played all my lesson stuff, then him and my dad took turns calling out chords and I would have to switch to whatever chord they called. That was a nice little exercise. But then it got fun after we finished the lessons.

I was playing American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, and Crawling in the Dark, and Dan was asking what I was playing. Then he told me that all these different techniques I was using were used in a bunch of other songs too. So we poped in a CD with a bunch of different artists on it, just a mix that he had made, and played a bunch of stuff. I played rhythem just playing by ear and watching Dan. But holy crap I learned a lot. By the end of the night I was like liquid too. It was so freaking cool. I love after playing for a very long time how everything you do seems natural and you don't have to think about it anymore. Even better, it sounds good. Its like a two hour warmup then a big jam session for the last hour. Anyway, it was a blast. I need to work on singing and playing guitar at the same time, because if I focus too much on sounding good while singing, I play guitar at hyper speed (at least for acoustic songs where strumming is involved. Power Chord songs, which are most any any rock/metal/punk songs, no problem playing and singing at the same time).

Anyways, that was a blast. I still dont have my freaking math done. Probably won't get a great grade on it tomorrow, but I almost don't care. Aparently there is some Jazz Band competition tomorrow that I didn't know about that Blake told me, I wasn't there when he sent me the message though, so who the heck knows. I will talk to him tomorrow and see whats up I guess. Still have a math test to make up as well as a quiz. Bunch of projects and all this other crap... gall that's the one crap part about school is the fact that everything, all your responcibilities, just start piling up on you. I can't wait till the freaking weekend. I need to try to get out of my ghetto campout so I can do something fun and undramatic this weekend. Trish, if all else fails and I need to go on the campout, I need you to pretend your like a distant cousin of mine and pretend to be in town so I have to go see you and crap. Anyways, I'll stage something if all else fails. Because you know, thats the honest Boy Scout like thing to do.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

Some things never do change...never do change...

by Goo Goo Dolls

Friday, school wise, wasn't half bad. Typical school day. Stayed after school to take a test that I missed in math. Came home and got a message from Kara and Zach, asking me to come hang out with them as soon as I could. So, I got everything I needed to done, and called Trisha making sure she was going to be there this time. She said she would meet me at Kimball's house and to call her when I get there. So, Kara and Zach picked me up and we headed to Sonic to grab a bite to eat, stopped off at Kara's so Kara could change her clothes, then went back to the Rawling's residence. Just hung out and tried to figure out which movie to go to. Trisha and Marriah came and we asked them which movie to go to. I called my mom asking which ones I could go to, and most of them were shot down. But there was no way that I would have lied to her about which movie we were going to. I like having her be able to trust me.

So, after ariving at the movie theature too late to catch any movie that started before 9:20, we went to Dairy Queen to grab something to eat then headed to Rotary to hang out. Zach played guitar for a little while so I listened to him for a little bit, then hung out with Trisha and Marriah who were on the playset thingies :). Then Trisha, Marriah and I walked over by a tree and talked for a while. Kara eventually came over so I stopped talking and went over by Zach. He played a few songs, then I played for a little while. Trisha, Mariah and I went over to Marriah's house and left Kara and Zach at the park. Talked at Marriah's house, and I tuned her guitar and started playing. I think that was the best part of the evening, when it was just the three of us hanging out and having fun. I taught Trish the bass part to Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer. Then about eleven, we all headed home.

There is no way in hell that I will be recording all the fun filled emotional drama. Those of you who were there know what happened and I am sure each have your own perspective to tell it from. It definately wasn't a fun evening till the end when it was just Trish, Marriah and me hanging out and talking. Though, Zach of course, was cool and understanding about the whole thing as he ususally is. Always optimistic and willing to help. Thanks man.

Today, got up and watched conference. Worked in the back yard during the break, watched the last two hours, then Chelsey and I talked on the phone for about 45 minutes before I left for the Priesthood Session. After the Priesthood Session, I called Trish cause she told me to call her after the Priesthood Session so we could do something. She was at Mikelle's with Emilee having a girls night out kinda thing. So, needless to say, Trish and I didn't do anything.

Then I called Kimball to see if Shawn and him wanted to shoot pool this evening. Kimball said he did, then his mom chimed in telling him he was grounded. So, Kimball and I didn't do anything either.

Called Kara, assuming she was going to do something with Zach this evening, but wanted to talk to her regardless to see what was up. She and Zach were going to The Forgotten and our conversation lasted about 5 minutes or less.

Only then did it occur to me that I might as well call Chelsey to see if she went to the Haunted Forrest or not. She didn't end up going because her friends ended up not being able to go (hmm, ironic isn't it?). So she was stuck at home as well. We wanted to both hang out together, but none of our friends could do anything, and our parents would have been happy if we went alone. So, we just sat and talked for another half hour or so, which is a good conselation for not getting to go out this evening.

Iris is awesome, I haven't listened to it in a while, for multiple reasons. But I decided to listen tonight.

'And I don't want the world to see me 'Cause I don't think that they'd understand When everything's made to be broken I just want you to know who I am'