Pyro's Life: September 2004 </A>

Thursday, September 30, 2004

I guess this is growing up...

NP-Cavanaugh Park
by Something Corporate

'And there was never any place, for someone like me to be totally happy...'

Today was a pretty easy going day, regular school day. I haven't been hungry lately, so I skipped lunch and played guitar during my lunch period. Then after school, John played drums while I played guitar. That lasted for about five minutes, till John got in trouble for using the school equiptment for jam sessions and not practicing. So, I stayed there with Dave and played guitar for almost an hour after school got out.

After school, I went carpet shopping. Didn't find what we were looking for, so we went home. I finished Ender's Game, amazing book. Unfortunately, I had to do both a report on it and my math homework, so I spent my evening doing so. Watched a little of the Presidential Debate while I did my math, it was interesting to say the least. Then I gave up on math and called Jessie. I couldn't wait to talk to her, so I am real greatful I got the chance. I'd been waiting a while to tell her everything. That's the great thing about her, I can talk to her about anything without holding back. Things that people like Kara or Trisha wouldn't understand.

We talked, about a ton of stuff, eventually when we were talking about some stuff, we realized just how much longer we have left until our real lives start. I have three maybe four years. Four years until a mission, until high school is over. A lot to happen within that period of time. My mom got married when she was 19. 19, thats how old Zach is. That's Jessie in three years, Trisha and Kara in four... Three years ago, everyone was starting seventh grade, and that wasn't long ago at all. You're life could change enough within three years to determine the rest of your life. Three years to change your life the way you want it, to start considering a future. Heck, you need to start considering a future before that. Three to five years, I'll start to watch my friends get married, have kids, start lives...

The Future Freaks Me Out :)

Well, I'm off to be my teenage self and stay up till all hours of the night and watch School of Rock. It's the Juvenile thing to do ;).


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I will write this down for you, so you can read it

NP-Miss America
by Something Corporate

It's to the point where it's so close I can almost taste it... Where I almost know what exactly is preventing me from being happy. But I can't quite see it. And even if I can, what next? Just because a problem can be identified doesn't mean it can be solved. At least not immediately. We'll have to see how things turn out, though I have been saying that for quite a while...

Today, got up and did Jazz Band. Our song is too easy again, stupid simple rhythem part. I'm working on the solo for the song to have more of a challenge. Bryson brought his Tube Screamer, sweet little pedal and I played with it for a little while. Made it through the day, hacking my lungs out. I hate coughs... they just irritate me. Can't talk, sing, anything. You can however, still play guitar. Which I did a ton of today. After school, I whipped out Bryson's Tube Screamer and played around with it. Thursday John and I are going to play together, him on drums (he's been in percussion for a while) and me playing guitar. Just for fun, see if we can create anything productive. Tonight I played 'Play Crack The Sky' and a bunch of other songs. I was able to successfully get a Blink-182 tone out of the tubescreamer. Yay. I gotta buy my pedal soon... Danelectro Daddy O. I love the distortion it creates. A SoCo distortion, dirty yet clean.

My day has consisted of talking online and playing guitar. Quite the booring day. I need a difference, something new in this week... Heck, I don't know what I need or want. But I need something to fill that void...


Sunday, September 26, 2004

A Long Fast Sunday

NP-Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
by Green Day

Today was a long day... woke up and went to fast offerings, played guitar till church, came home from church and played guitar, went home teaching, played guitar. End of day.

Exciting huh?

Life's been kinda chaotic. Tension's been high lately. Today it was pretty lax, which I enjoyed. Saturday night sure helped me. Just gave me a chance to get away from everything and be happy. Well, as happy as I could have been. I always torment myself with my own thoughts. I tend to worry about things too much. I really shouldn't, but I do.

'Why do I do these things I do to myself'


Saturday, September 25, 2004


NP- God of Wine
by Third Eye Blind

I am exhaused, it's been a weekend. Long weekend to be specific. Friday I slept in and missed Jazz Band on accident on Friday. Aparently we have new music, which Bryson says is also easy. I almost wish I tried out for Jazz Band II, oh well though. I'll keep with Jazz Band while I work on the buttload of material I still have to work on. Lessons with Dan, my own stuff to work on, Jazz Band. I keep myself busy.

Friday was an interesting day. Went to the football game at seven and had fun and stuff. Kara slapped Mike like freaking hard, I was proud of her. Then we went and shot pool afterwards.

Today, I didn't wake up till like noon. Talked to Kara for a bit of the morning while cleaning my room. Then hung out till like 5 when we went to look at carpet. Everywhere was close, so we went and ate at the mall. Then I came back and hung out with Kara, Kimball, and Zach and watched Paycheck on Kimball and Zach's projection screen TV. I didn't love the show, it was alright though. I had fun hanging out with those guys and that was the point anyway :).

Friday, September 24, 2004


NP- St. Jimmy
by Green Day

I know, I've missed a few more days. Do I care? No. Tired people need their sleep :)

Woke up Tuesday and couldn't wait to get American Idiot. Wish I had a car and a lunch break so I could grab it. So, I went after school to go get it. The only copies they had were explicit. Meaning there was no edited version. I knew my mom probably wouldn't be really happy if I got an explicit CD, especially since our last little musical bout...

Went to scouts and all that jazz. Called Kara before and during mutual. Then talked to Jessie (Jackman) on the phone for a while. It was so great to talk to her again. I hadn't talked to her in a while.

Wednesday, school. Jazz band again in the morning, had to use my old case again since my new one had not yet arived. Standard school day though. I think it was Mr. Wright's birthday as well. Came home and learned how to play Jesus of Suburbia and almost memorized it. There's just a few spots I gotta master, then I'm good to go. Guitar lessons however didn't go extremely well. Whenever I sing and play guitar at the same time I always screw up my rhythem or play too fast. But just generally I wasn't happy with my playing overall either. I'll practice a little harder this week.

School, blah. Not a ton of highlights. I delivered a sack of eyeballs to some girl during office aid. Seminary was really good too, but thats the highlights of the school day. Stopped by Kara's house to say 'hi' and see how she was doing. No one answered, I could faintly hear a bass like sound playing. Called her a little later in the evening, and she had been home. Blasting her new sterio system :). Therefore, couldn't hear me. Homecomming game is tomorrow, I plan on going. Wish I could go to the homecomming dance too, but no one's 16 yet, so no one's really going anyway. I get to go when I'm a Freshman though :).

Mitch came over and brought American Idiot, so of course I copied it and did my own little editing job :). I swear I will buy it on my own if they ever come out with an edited copy. Heck, maybe i'll just buy an explicit version and not listen to it, but still be able to legally own it.

My case also came today, which is great. Meaning I have a decent case for Jazz Band that I don't have to jimmy rig to fit my guitar into it.

Called Jessie (Jackman) and talked to her for quite a while, till like ten or so. We talked about lots of stuff like we usually do till my dad finally told me to get off. Then I talked to Bethany online for a little bit while editing American Idiot and typing this. Now I am going to go to bed with the realitisation that I will only be sleeping for six hours tonight.


Monday, September 20, 2004


NP-Jesus of Suburbia
by Green Day

I've been listening to American Idiot nonstop for the last few days. It finally comes out tomorrow. Yay.

I have missed who knows how many days. Quick recap of the highlights:

Dan and his family came down and took us out to dinner, unfortunately I wasn't feeling to great that evening. So when I got home, I just layed down and talked to Kara on the phone for a little while, then I played guitar for a little, and called Kara again. Saw Saints and Soldiers with my dad, awesome show.

Sunday was Sunday. Nuff said.

Today (Monday) got up and hung out around the house. Played guitar for a very short amount of time while watching my sister and my mom kept painting. Went to Napoleon Dynamite with Kara and Trisha. Line was huge so we missed a freaking half hour of the show. Oh well, it was still fun. Just joked around and had fun like we always do.

Sat at home and had family night and did some homework while talking online with Trisha and Kara. Then started writing the music for Torsion (yay!). It actually is an acoustic song so far. I don't know if I want any distortion in this one. A majority of it is riffs within minor chords and chords such as Asus2. Had a great long talk with Zach about various guitar equiptment. He straightened me out with the truth about Amps and the advantage of tube amps, ect. He really is an awesome guy.

NP- Twenty Four
by Switchfoot

Talking to Kara tonight was kinda hard tonight, I got to the point where words didn't really do any good at explaining what I wanted to say. Being speachless really frusterates me. I got a little bit figured out, meaning I can now stay up late contemplating what I'm going to do. I think I can hopefully make an educated decision now that I have the information I need.

School tomorrow... as well as the releace of AMERICAN IDIOT!


Saturday, September 18, 2004

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

NP Boulevard of Broken Dreams
by Green Day (also on American Idiot)

'My shallow heart's the only thing thats beating'.

Great song, one of the best on the CD. Today sure was interesting. I got up and went to Jazz Band, gall getting up was hard... Anyway, I got into the class so I am now officially in Jazz Band. Amazing that I actually did band again. That's something I never saw myself doing again. But it gives me a chance to learn, so I'll take it. Whatever I can do to be a better guitarist, I'll go for it.
Rest of the day was pretty mild. Didn't do well on a French quiz (again)... I need to work a little harder I think, be able to apply myself more into my work.

Tonight is my 'drink away my pain' kinda night. Chance to think about things, haven't got one of those for a while... So the caffine will keep me going tonight as I get a chance to sort things out. My mind is taxed so heavily, I do it to myself though. Every time, it's my own fault. I'm the one thinking. I'm the one wondering whats going to happen next. The one trying to sort it all out. The one holding on. The one who makes myself upset. I just want to go to bed and wake up and have it all be fine. There's too much of a chance of hurting myself to be optimistic. Being pesamistic can help problems sometimes, your able to think that things won't work the way they planned, setting yourself up so you don't have to face the disappointment if things don't happen. Dreaming, loving, hoping... unfortunately only get you so far. Yet, giving up gets you no where. Things like dreaming and loving require a sacrifice. Nothing comes easy when you love someone... Being with someone is always temporary, until you get married. It just is. You go out with someone and usually within a few weeks, it's over. Love though, isn't always temporary. Kinda sticks with you, regardless of what happens.

Before that happened though, I came home from school and ordered a Gig Bag, geez, dropped twenty five bucks, meaning I'm that much more in debt. I don't have any money for my CD on Tuesday... And the money I earn on Monday will be going towards my gig bag debt. I had to have the Gig Bag though, because I had to put my SG in my 50 year old acoustic case, which is kinda falling apart... that and an acoustic case is deeper then an electric meaning that I had to use a towel and a few blankets to fill the empty spaces so that my SG wouldn't bump around all over. Guitar's been quite the expensive little hobby. I've dropped, lets see... about $880.00 so far. And I plan on spending $300 to get my new amp, plus there's a few pedals I want to get as well. I need a new job or source of income... I still have a bunch of these wands that I could sell off, but the selling season probably won't start till the second week of October. Lets hope I get a little bit off of that.

We went to the game. Cavemen kicked Lone Peak's butt and it was a pretty good game. 9-7, Cavemen won. We all yelled and got into the game, some of us more then others. By the end of the night my throat was raw and ears were ringing. Trisha and Kara can scream pretty loud ;).

After the game, we were walking down the sidewalk and a truck ran into a mailbox, slid up against a telephone pole, and almost hit three kids. Lucky for us, we were on the oposite side of the sidewalk. We talked to the kids who were running from the truck afterwards and they didn't seem too shaken up. We were though. I had that sick feeling in my stomach for the rest of the night. Stupid idiots driving the car. They didn't even stop to see if anyone was alright, just drove off as fast as they could. We were extremely fortunate and blessed that we didn't choose to be on that side of the sidewalk, because out of the six of us walking, at least one of us would have gotten hit. And it could have been the end for one of us right then. Luckily those other kids were alright as well. Really freaky though...

Went back to Kara's and listened to her awesome 400 watt sterio. Went home and sat outside and thought. Interesting long night.


Thursday, September 16, 2004

Titles suck, so I won't put one

NP- Holiday
by Green Day

American Idiot is an awesome CD. I found a leak to it on so i've been listening it till it comes out next week. I don't love it yet as much as I thought I would, but still a great CD. It's like one big rock symphony, all the tracks are kinda built into one huge song. Songs switch between one and another within another song. Holiday is actually two songs, it has Boulevard of Broken Dreams on it too. Anyways, check it out. Chuck by Sum 41 comes out early October.

Today was an alright day. My head felt like exploding from all the work I have to do. After school, Kara stopped by and we talked for about twenty minutes. I can't tell you how good it was to see her again (even though its only been two weeks since I saw her last). Out of all times to see her, that was definately a good one :). Made me feel 'just a touch' better.

Then I did homework and talked to Jessie for a little while about politics. How it is 'the cool punk thing to do' to be anti Bush, and how people are influenced by the media entirely. And a bunch of other stuff. Then practiced guitar for two hours. Tomorrow hopefully will be a good day. Jazz Band tomorrow morning, hopefully that will be good. Then Kara and I are going to the football game, don't know who else is comming, I assume Trisha which will be cool :). Looking forward to that.

In other nes Johnny Ramone died today... amazing guy in an awesome band. Only one of the Ramones is left now. Those guys defined the punk we listen to today. Amazing people, respected band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rest in peace Johnny.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Every Tuesday...

NP- F.O.D.
by Green Day

I swear every freaking tuesday, I get in some fight with my mother... I hate it. It's pointless. And ALWAYS on Tuesdays, I swear it's like planned or something...

Anyways, just gonna try to forget it. Talked to Kara on the phone today for like 20 min or so, then I had to go to mutual. We had some little deal on dating and stuff, basically what I already knew. Some of it was hilarious, like on a date would you 'link arms' or hold hands. What kinda gay person 'links arms'. Also, kiss goodnight or 'firm handshake' goodnight... Hug maybe if it was a first date, what kinda loser would shake your girlfriends hand goodnight though... geez.

Anyways, got through that. Not too evenful of a day. Got home and my mom had been reading the back of my Warped Tour CD, some of the songs she wasn't too happy with. So I continued to explain them and what they were. Apparently she didn't aprove of Bloody Valentine (Good Charlotte). I mean come on... its a freaking Good Charlotte song. And one of the few I still like. Therefore, I'll keep listening. Had she read my poetry, containing themes of death, suicide, revenge, multiple swear words, and other fun morbid themes, I think she'd be disturbed. My mom tends to read way too much into things. My dad really saved my butt this time, lyrically. Making the point not to generalize a genre. Just because one song is bad, doesn't mean the whole genre, or even band is. He referred to a few country songs with bad lyrics in them. Really saved my butt. Thanks dad.

Maybe he understands that telling a story about murder isn't a bad thing. Look at Me and The Moon. Amazing story. Or look at anything on T.V. Hello, remember Lori Hacking? What was done to her? She was murdered. We hear what happens with her story all the time, and her murder unfortunately was more brutal then anything you would hear in Me and the Moon or Bloody Valentine.

It's art, apreciate it or not. But do not diss it or label it as 'bad' just because it has a theme of murder, w/e. Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades is a great song, and whats it about? Sex. About a boy being forced into a position he didn't want to be longing for an escape. Promising himself 'never again'. Is that bad? In my opinion, no it is not. If it was all like 'lets promote sex!' then yes, it would be a bad thing in my opinion.

I'm just glad she hasn't heard American Idiot, who knows what kinda crap I'd get for that one. 'What is he saying, what does that mean?' For those of you who don't know what American Idiot is about, it can be translated a few different ways, read the lyrics. It's about Americans being controlled by the media, and the basic fact that Americans can be idiots. I know a lot of idiots here who are controlled by everything they see on T.V. This song is also a blast against Bush and how not everyone in the U.S. isn't represented by his actions. Personally, I agree with what Bush is doing. I'm one of the few Republican punks ;). I hate the idiotic Americans controlled by the media who are totally ignorant to everything. People like that make undeducated decisions which screws our country up and brings people like Bill Clinton to be president ;). If we wern't in Iraq right now helping rebuild the country and establish government, I believe a ruler similar to Hitler would rise from the ashes to unite the people. Anyone remember World War I? Germans were in war debt up to their ears and trying to rebuild the country. Adolf Hitler came to power and made different promises uniting the people, leading to a very large problem... Most of you know the rest of the story about World War II.

Not saying Iraq would be capable of starting a world war, considering we leveled Hiroshima and Nagasaki with an atomic bomb when Japan launched an attack on Pearl Harbor. In a way, America has a tendency to always make sure that everything around the world is under control. Is that a bad thing?

There's more crap and I could launch off even more. Point is, I wanna listen to my dang music. I'm so glad my mom has never seen my poetry, She'd crap her pants. Green Day Rocks.


Monday, September 13, 2004

69 degrees is almost perfect

by Something Corporate

If you have not heard that song, find it. It is only released on the Japanese version of 'North', but you can get it online via certain programs that start with a Win and end with an MX, or a certain Bear that likes Sharing... Amazing song.

The whole night is kinda Something Corporate themed though. I've been listening to She Paints Me Blue, Caldecott Tunnel (amazing song, agian), This Broken Heart... I mean, they are all great. A kind reminder why Something Corporate is my favorite band hands down.

Tonight is like almost entirely black. Only a few stars shine bright. Stupid light polution, wish I was in Heber so I could actually see the stars again. It is barely too chilly tonight, 69 degrees, it needs to be about five degrees more and it would be perfect. It's been a while since I've been out here in the night, it's my favorite place to think though, and I haven't really thought about things for a long time, too long...

Standard day school wise, spent the day doing the regular stuff. Finally saw my Napoleon video, quite entertaining, i'll try to snag a copy for your viewing pleasure. So you can see that I truly don't care what other people think :). We read Edgar Allen Poe today in English. I can't reacall the name of the story, but to seek revenge, a man leads another man into the catacombs of his family, chains him up, and walls him off. Leaving the man to slowly die... Awesome story, Poe kicks A. Yearbook was the regular 'figure out what we are going to get done' deal. Chelsey and I started reading the old yearbooks from the other schools near the end of the period to 'get ideas'. We found quite a bit of funny stuff :). Kinda one of those 'had to be there to find it funny' things though. Regardless, fun.

After school, went to my grandparents to mow the lawn. Tried to get Ender's Game from the library, but it was unfortunately checked out... I need to snag a copy somehow really really soon.

Last few nights have gotten me thinking about different things. Whats really missing in my life or what's incomplete. I have found out a lot of stuff from a few different people (not particularly relating to my problem), which has also broadened my range of thinking. It's going to be interesting to see how it all unravels and plays out. But then again, life always happens that way.

Tomorrow Mitch is comming over with his amp that he finally managed to get, meaning we can actually start playing. Lets hope he's good enough to play some bass or backup, we'll see how it all fits together. I have a music video to do for geometry, meaning I need to schedule a time with Mrs. Jennings to use the stage to shoot the video. Who knows, might get that done sometime this week. I can't wait till this weekend. I really wanna go do something with Trisha and Kara, especially since I haven't seen them for two weeks. Unfortunately, it's not summer anymore. Meaning we can't hang out every night like we used to. Stuck with Friday or Saturday. It can't come soon enough.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Green Day

NP- American Idiot (again)
by Green Day

A week from tomorrow till the new CD comes out. Im so freaking stoked, I love Green Day. I think I could be adicted :).

Well, Saturday was fun. I got up, went and bought some guitar strings, came home and my mom started painting. She won't let me paint, or anyone else for that matter. Too much of a perfectionist, thats why I love her :). We went to this guitar contest thing where they were giving away ten free guitars and a bunch of other stuff. Went to that at six, won some guitar strings and talked to Katy because she was there. Wanted to stay for the concert afterwards, but I couldn't cause my mom was waiting for me and we needed to start painting again. Came home and I watched the kids while my mom kept painting.

Today was a typical sunday, nothing spectacularly amazing. My mom's been sick all day today, nauseated. Not a good thing. I found a mouse in my room tonight, couldn't catch it though, so hopefully it'll eat the rat poison or I'll find it tomorrow. If my mom knew, she'd freak...


Saturday, September 11, 2004

Friday and Saturday

NP-Modern Chemistry
by Motion City Soundtrack

Friday was quite the day... I woke up at like 6:30 and went to school at 7:30. Dressed up like Napoleon Dynamite and did a commercial for the dance. Made a complete ass of myself I can imagine, now that I look back at it. Though, it was fun acting like an idiot for the whole school to see. I got about a million comments through out the day. Then when I went into Dibb during Office Aid and he made me dance for the class. Then I had to go in a second time, so he made me dance again. I grabbed a yard stick and played air guitar to the classic Ozzy song, Crazy Train (which I know how to play most of it that on my guitar, gotta work on the riff to get it faster though :) ). School was pretty much standard the rest of the day, with comments like 'You were so hot', 'Where did you buy that shirt?', 'I couldn't have been paid enough to do what you did', and 'That was freaking awesome'. Multiple hugs too, which made it that much better :).

The dance after school wasn't amazing. Unfortunately, our request table didn't work and the Eric, the DJ, played rap/techno the whole time... He's a cool guy but we were lacking good music... I danced with Carrie and Lindsey, two out of three slow dances. The one I missed, I was talking to Carrie and Erin, trying to set up Carrie with someone. She didnt really wanna dance with any of the people we picked out though. lol, I love Carrie, she's so awesome.

I went home and then went to Salt Lake to see my grandparents. My grandma had surgery, she's doing alright. Seems just a little tired, but she'll be alright.

Well, its like one in the morning on Sunday so I think I'll get some sleep. Write about Saturday later.


Friday, September 10, 2004

Gear List for those of you that care

As far as distortion pedals go, I only need one. I'm still debating with myself now :). Though, I may not need one if I get my Marshall head, simply cause there's enough effects that I can play around with in that. And I can use the Whirlwind A/B box to switch between clean and distorted, or amps.


Ibanez TS90 Tube Screamer (backup distortion, possible lead)
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor (noise gateway)
DOD 250 (lead)
Danelectro Daddy O (backup/lead)
Whirlwind Selector A/B box (Amp Switching)
Boss PX-4 (multiple effects)

(My low budget amp list :) )
Marshall MG-100 DFX (Head, $319.20)
Marshall AVT 112 1x12 Speaker Cab (Cabinet, $315.00)

My next buy is the Marshall MG-100. THEN I can go for pedals. Pedals just dont sound good on my little two watt Roland Micro Cube :). There's something about having 100 watts of power at your disposal that sounds a little better. Yes, I know im stupid, and blowing a lot of money on this, and could be buying other stuff, but oh well. I like this stuff too much.

The only person this should really be of particular interest to is Mitch. I doubt many of you other peoples understand it :).


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Unimportant Day, But I Found My Tone!

NP- The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
by Brand New

Found my tone :). I'm slowly piecing together a guitar rig, just a dream kinda effect to figure it all out. Tuning your guitar down half a step rules.


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Another Three Days Missed

Three Songs for Three Days!
NP: My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring
For The Workforce, Drowning - Thursday

I can't wait till American Idiot and Chuck come out. Those are going to be two awesome CD's.

Im too lazy to recap the past two days before this one. One of them consisted of putting up putty in my room all day long and the other was playing guitar and goofing off with Mitch.

Today I ditched school and stayed home. Had an orthodontist apointment so I figured i'd miss school for all of it. Bought some strap locks for my guitar, pricy buggers cost me eighteen bucks... Stayed home and cleaned, did homework, and practiced guitar all day. Trudy came down and we kinda visioned and planned my room out. It's gonna be awesome :).
Dan came and we had lessons. I learned a ton more, and I have a ton of material to work on. Which will keep me busy for a while.
Tomorrow... who knows whats going on.

'Boo hoo hoo... my girlfriend dumped me, and Im really really hurt!'
Hilarious bit from an awesome Anti-Flag song: Indie Sux, Hardline Sux, Emo Sux, You Suck!


Sunday, September 05, 2004

Guitar and Putty

NP- Round Here
by Counting Crows

Today was long. My mom left for New Mexico this morning to go see my uncle Ryan who is in the hospital. That was like six thirty this morning. I got up about ten thirty. I finished puttying my room over the course of the day, and all together played guitar for about four hours. We also went to see Harry Potter 3 as a family. My little bro wanted to see it, though he ended up thinking it was stupid. My dad and I had already seen it and knew it wasnt spectacular. I really dont like the Harry Potter movies, they totally kill the spirit of the book. But yeah, casual day. Kimball called me to see if I could go to the movies with him, Chelsey, TJ, and some other girl whom I cant remember her name. Unfortunately, I couldnt. Though that would have been a blast.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

Gibson SG Special

NP- Okay, I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
by Brand New

My birthday was awesomely amazing. I woke up at like seven and my mom surprised me with my Gibson SG Special. She had payed off the rest of it. It's an awesome guitar with a tone totally different from my other electric. The pickups in it are 490R at the neck 490T at the bridge. Identical to the humbuckers Brand New uses in one of their guitars. I'm too lazy to go look up his name, Ill do it when I'm unlazy.

Rest of the day was awesome too. First thing when I got to school on Thursday, everyone in my Student Counsil class said happy birthday. Then we made posters for the upcomming dance for the rest of the period. Second period was slow. Third period I got out of French and did yearbook pictures. Basically, that turned into talking with Chelsey the whole time. Which of course, isn't a bad thing :).
Came home and played with my guitar and talked online with everyone for a little. Then Kara came over. Really nice of her to come over and say 'hey'. She gave me a gift card to Hot Topic, which I used later in the evening to buy my 'Vote for Pedro' shirt. Then my grandparents came and gave me this awesome Japanese lamp. Then I played my guitar till we went to Chili's for dinner. Got some baby back ribs, which were delicious, and Dan came so we invited himt o dinner. He did the amazingly kind thing and bought me a tuner for my birthday. Which is EXACTLY what I needed. With a tuner, I can tune my guitar however I want, and make sure its always in tune without using the stupid piano. Today I used it and tuned my guitar down half a step (so all my strings are flat), which had an awesome sound. That's the tuning Brand New uses, so I played with that. Also tuned to C# so I could play Obvious. Decided that I wanted to learn Okay, I Believe you, but my Tommy Gun Don't, so I printed it off and figured it out. Not too hard, but I haven't quite got it all down. Close, but not quite.

Today was just school. Nothing amazingly spectacular. Power went out all over town but our school (dangit...), I got about a million comments on my Vote For Pedro shirt. Whole classes rose up and started shouting 'Vote for Pedro!', no lie. Moon's class did it. Heck, I even got administrators asking about it. It was fetching hilarious.

After school, played guitar. A lot. Had at least three hours of playing tonight. Jessie J. called me, and we talked for a little while, which was awesome. It was so good to talk to her again. But, unfortunately I am tired, so I am going to bed. I need to write, since I haven't in a little while.


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Dan the Man

NP-My Name is Jonas

There's just something cool about the alternative bands like Weezer, Something Corporate, Motion City Soundtrack, and Counting Crows. It's just their distinctiveness, their own playing style, and their unique vocalists. Lyrically, they are all definately their own. I don't know, the whole mood an atmosphere is different from other bands. You are very unlikely to mix up Motion City Soundtrack with any other band. Same with Something Corporate and Weezer, you just know who it is. Kudos to all you awesome artists who are like that. Alternative rock is awesome.

Today was actually a pretty good day, school was subaverage as usual. I put up the Marque anouncements today, which is a royal pain in the butt. Hold a big long stick with a suction cup on it and put up plastic letters. Your neck kills at the end, as well as your arms. Rest of the day was pretty standard. Seminary was totally awesome though. We had a lesson on prayer and then launched a little into the New Testement and read a little about Christ. It really was awesome, I love feeling the spirit in school.

After school, came home and my grandpa and I went downstairs to work for a little bit. He put in the window frame and I sanded the room. He went home and I kept sanding. I had dust EVERYWHERE. I had the dust up my nose, in my eye... gall. The worst is, that dust gets wet (up your nose or in your eye) and turns to sheetrock putty.... so Ive been getting sheetrock goobers out of my eye all day. And my eyes are way dry.

Still, point is that I got it done. All sanded and ready for another finishing layer of putty. I've been quite busy lately with my room and stuff... Can't wait till it's done.

Dan came over to give me my guitar lesson around 7:30 pm or so. It was really awesome, we just played for like an hour and a half straight, then grabbed a bite to eat and talked for about another hour or so. He really is an awesome guy and an awesome guitarist. Learning from him is awesome. Can't wait till next week.

Got a Gibson shirt that my dad gave me as a little 'pre-birthday' gift. It's really cool :). Tomorrow is my birthday, I'm turning fifteen... wow. I can rememeber a year ago, scary. Seems not so long ago... One year till I (legally) drive.

Hopefully tomorrow is a good day, I don't have to go to French because I do Picture day, which is a very very good thing. I know I'm gonna get behind, but thats alright. I'll catch up :).

-Shane (I'm getting old...)