Pyro's Life: November 2004 </A>

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Out of debt and onto business

NP-Seventy Times 7
by Brand New

Finally, it only took me three months, but I finally am out of debt. It's feels so freaking good to be out of debt and not owe anyone anything. Right now I'm selling more on ebay, hopefully my stuff will sell cause I need the cash for my new item.

Line 6 Flextone II HD, which is an awesome amp. Whopping 300 watts (probably more then I need) and is pretty much the best solid state head that money can buy. Line 6 does great work emulating tube amps, this one actually emulates 36 different amps. Does a dang good job of it too.

Retails for about $1,000. On ebay, I can get it for about $440 after shipping. Then I gotta buy a cab for it, not sure exactly what I'll get. Most likely a Fender cab. Unfortunately, it has to handle 300 watts, which costs me a little more then one that only needs to handle 100. That will probably cost me $300 used after shipping.

$800ish total for the whole thing... not cheap at all, but worth it.

Right now I've got a whopping $128 sitting in Paypal... after ebay, hopefully I'll have at least $328. Then $150 for christmas, and $80 if I sell my Clie. So, an additional $230. Hopefully by Christmas, I'll have $558. Enough to cover my head and give me a little bit of a start on my cab. Maybe if I get more fortunate then I am already, I'll fall into even more money.

Today I stayed home and did homework. Joy.

Took care of ebay stuff, went to my grandparent's house then our family picked out a christmas tree. Around 10:30, we got it in the house and just enjoyed each other's company for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow I go back to school (not fun), but I do get to see my friends tomorrow, so thats a good thing at least.


Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back Home

Np- Live in Fillmore (whole album)
by Something Corporate

One of my new favorite websites:

Has everything, mp3's that I spent a long time searching for, wallpapers, countless live concerts, everything... I feel so happy now. Thanks to these guys, I got the Live In Filmore EP.

Bad news that I wasn't aware of, William Tell left Something Corporate back in January and did his own solo career thing...

Anyways, onto life. Friday night I saw Bethany and went over to her place to watch The Terminal. It was great seeing her again.

Saturday was our goodbyes and the long drive back. We got stuck in a snowstorm in Cedar City and had to spend the night. Then today, took the final home stretch and made it home.

It was so great to finally get home, talked to Trisha for the first time in a while and went to my grandparents house and ate. Played my guitar for who knows how long. Then I've been amp hunting all night long. I'm tired and wanna listen to Live at Fillmore. Soooooooo... bye ;)


Thursday, November 25, 2004

The End

NP- Vertigo
by U2
Slowly, the vacation is coming to an end. We spent our last day at Disneyland yesterday, just did everything we wanted to and enjoyed our last day. It was warm yesterday, especially compared to the last few days before that. It hasn't been the warmest California weather, but it slowly has warmed up to a pleasant 75 degrees.
Today we fought three hours of traffic to get from Anaheim to Redlands... what was supposed to be a 45 minute trip. Not fun.
Had Thanksgiving dinner at Kelly's, now we're just kinda hanging back and relaxing. I'm starting to comprehend that its almost over, we leave on Saturday and I haven't seen Bethany yet. Tried calling her, but no one was home. Hopefully she'll call me and we can hang out for our one last day. I'll be quite pissed if I don't get to see her.
I got a ton of homework to do unfortunately, two freakin' days of it. I'm debating whether to do it now or not. I figure why not if I'm not really doing anything productive right now. So I guess I'll tackle some Algebra II...*sigh*

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Day whatever

NP-Take Control
by Weezer
I'm extremely wasted...
Sunday we ended up skipping church (well, everyone but Katie) and so I stayed at Kelly's and watched Finding Nemo. After they got back, we ate some ribs and then took off from Redlands to Anaheim. Then we went to Disneyland for a day. It was later, so we just did a little bit of each park. Went on Tower of Terror, which in my opinion was kinda lame... I expected one huge elevator drop but instead, it was a series of little falls and rises.
Went across to Disneyland from California Adventure. Hit a couple different rides, among them was The Haunted Mansion, which was extremely awesome this year. For the holiday season, they redid the entire thing in the theme of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I think I rode that one two or three times that evening.
Whats up with everyone liking that movie anyways? lol, Allison and Emmalee, we might have to watch that one when I get back cause I haven't seen it for a while.
Monday we pretty much did the same thing. 'Cept we thoroughly explored Disneyland and didn't go to California Adventure. I got this awesome Jack (Skeleton) hoodie, cost a mint though, like 45 bucks...
Today we went to California Adventure and pretty much nailed everything there too. Tomorrow's plan is to hit anything we might have missed, and hit our favorites again. Miss everyone back home, hopefully you're all doing well.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Day two

NP- When in Doubt
by Thousand Foot Krutch
Today was another long day, I'm wasted.
Woke up around 9 or so and got stuff ready to leave from Vegas and head to Redlands. Finally after about three hours in the car listening to music and enjoying the ride (the better part of the trip through the mountains to get to California) we made it to Kelly's house. Settled in and I got Jordan's guitar as fast as I could and tuned it and played... a lot.
After playing for a while, we ate and stuff, then just kinda hung out and stuff for a while till the dance started. Bethany and I were going to hang out but that never ended up happening cause of lack of time. So I am guessing we're just gonna hang out next week or something.
Went to the Stake Dance around 8. For the most part, it was kinda dull only cause I couldn't let loose and have fun with my friends (other then Jordan and Jamison). Though, the slow dances were great cause I could get a chance to meet new people.
I met this awesome girl named Heather who I got to dance with. She's fifteen and she was a total babe. She pretty much made the whole night worthwhile. If I'm lucky, Jamison knows who she is.
Alright, well its like one in the morning so Im getting to bed.

Friday, November 19, 2004

7 hours to Vegas

NP-7 hours worth of songs from various artists while traveling in the car
by Various Artists
Today was one of those extremely longs days. Not necessarily a bad day or a good day, just a long day. Woke up round nine or so and got stuff packed and ready, then hopped in the car and took off towards our hotel in Vegas. Listened to music in the car for pretty much the whole time. Utah's really boring to drive through, almost as bad as Wyoming and Idaho (no offense to anyone from those states).
After seven hours-ish, we made it to Vegas and our hotel. Plan is to leave tomorrow and take about a four hour drive to California. Then tomorrow, going to the stake dance with Jordan and Jamison. Should be fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2004


NP- I Woke Up In A Car
by Something Corporate

I've been offline for a little while due to comptuer difficulties. Finally got her back up in working condition and online at a stable state on Tuesday.

Not a whole lot to recap. Friday night I hung out with Allison, Emmalee and Kimball all night long. Saturday I went to Best Buy to get my PC fixed (thank goodness it came with a 3 year PSP). Rest of the week was school, not fun.

Today though, was somewhat half decent. Reality town was today (a basic simulation and lame attempt at trying to get us to discover what real life is like), which turned out better then I thought it would. Dave and I decided not to go with the system and try something different. Before purchasing a home, car, groceries, anything that we essentially needed for our wife and kids, we decided to play the Stock Market.

After purchasing 80 Sony shares at $10 each, we sold when the stock rose to $14 a share. Made money off that, decided to better purchase a home. We both went with the least expensive home possible, a moble home :). Spent about one grand on shares again and made more money. Bought a Jeep (for those of you who know me really well, you know the why a Jeep is significant ;) ) and went back to the Stock Market again. Bought 150 Circuit City shares for $5 each. Sold when it reached ten and made lots more money :).

We then decided that we didn't need all our money, regardless of the fact that we hadn't paid any insurance on anything, bought zero food, paid no utilities, did nothing we were supposed to. So we gave all our money away to charity. Meaning I gave the $3700 I made off the Stock Market to charity at the end of the little simulation.

Dave and I should be Stockbrokers ;)

Rest of the day was alright. Jammed after school and gathered a group of people into the room I was practicing in. Mike Huestis came in and kicked them all out (I don't like that bas...*ahem* mean person).

Came home and packed and cleaned for the rest of the evening. Made 170 dollars on ebay today from sales. Talked to Mariah on the phone for a little bit and she said bye to me for the next week or two. I can't wait for California. If Jessie and I don't make it to Hawaii for some reason, we'll probably end up there, right Jessie ;).

It'll be a great week or two. I have a stake dance in Calif on Saturday, and I get to see all my friends in California again. I can't wait. Steve let me borrow his ipod for the trip, which helps the ride go faster.

Don't know how often I'll be updating, depends where I get an internet connection (hotel, possibly Kelly or Becky's) and if I have the time. So, I'll see you guys back home in a few weeks, hope you're Thanksgiving goes well. Trish and Mariah, don't have too much fun at the Yellowcard concert. I'm still holding out for a Something Corporate concert (none scheduled in Utah as of current).


Tuesday, November 09, 2004


NP-Globes and Maps
by Something Corporate

The last little while has been extremely draining. Saturday was a laid back kinda day lucky for me. Trish, Mikelle and I hit Spiderman II later in the evening, which was fun. Monday was my overload day, got through school (barely), almost fell asleep in English again, met my deadline for English.

Went to my grandpa's to mow the lawn for probably what will be the last day this season that I can. Came home and played with my new guitar pedal that came in the mail that same day.

I was a little PO'ed about my pedal. When it arived, it had some kinda crap like something was spilled on it and some kinda animal hair on it... on top of that, the included 'free cable' was shorted out... talk about low quality crap. Pedal fortunately, after I cleaned it off, worked nicely. Cable, not working... I emailed the dude requesting that something be done and he hasn't gotten back to me yet.

My stupid HP Pavilion is randomly dying on me... not fun. Just shuts down when memory is a little demanding. I get to make the chore of calling HP tomorrow and sorting that mess out. Have some stuff to ebay too cause i'm in need of some c45h.

Did homework till 12:30 ish... not fun.

Today... good heck...

Long day, bad day.

I can't even pinpoint why, school just seemed not to end. Seminary made me feel like I was living life wrong (again), came home and got into an argument with my mom. I kinda unloaded all my overwhelmed not-happyness onto her, which I shouldn't have done.

Went and practiced for the talent show with Mitch. Used mic's, which I don't really use a whole ton at home. Talent show sucked. Mitch had trouble following a rhythem when playing the song, meaning he got lost and the whole thing screwed up. Then when we played Space, he strummed random chords, which threw me off rhythem, which screwed it all up...

Lucky for me, I was redeamed by playing Come Come Ye Saints with my dad. I played acoustic and my dad played harmonica. It really turned out quite cool.

Now, I'm at home. Just wanting to lay down and die from exhaustion. Yet, I keep myself up reading Ch5 of Megatokyo. Should be reading the scriptures or something, but I'm too lazy to type in or to find a pair. So MT it is tonight.

I know, I'm a terrible mormon boy. Oh well, I'll repent ;)


Friday, November 05, 2004

Ditching the Dance

NP- 88
by Sum 41

Today was a pretty slow nice casual day. Decorated for the dance most of the day. Blasted music and got ready for the dance. Not a bad way to spend a Friday ;). Mr. Smith made us stay for his Algebra II class though, not fun...

After that I hung out at home and stuff till the dance. Talked to Mitch about the Sum 41 concert, which he said was awesome. He sent me a ton of pictures and stuff of it too, which was cool. He got a picture of Benji (from Good Charlotte) as well as his autograph when he went backstage. Freaking awesome...

Went to the dance and picked up Dave cause he needed a ride. The dance majorly sucked. No one danced, not many people came, music sucked too... I don't know. The whole thing was terrible. Allison and Emmalee came to the dance and so I left with them and wandered outside the school grounds and talked and stuff. There was this stupid hall monitor lady who pisses the heck out of me and kept bugging us about where we were and what we were doing. I swear, she was up our butt the entire night. She even came outside so I told her my parents were comming. Which, they were eventually, right?

Anyways, just hung out with them all night and had fun. Long night and I'm exhausted... In the mood to write for some reason, so I believe I'm going to do so.



NP- Dare You To Move
by Switchfoot

As over played as that song is, I still love it for some reason. I have way too much to catch up on, mostly due to my MSN browser being stupid and not letting me get into my weblog...

I don't think I'm gonna bother with a daily acount of everything that's happened over UEA, because truth be told, not a lot happened. Didn't really go anywhere. Halloween, I stayed home and talked to Jessie on the phone for a few hours, which was still fun. Yet, it wasn't going out somewhere and having a good time, which is what both of us should have been doing :).

Mariah was out of town and Trish was out of matinence recovering from her surgery, so we couldn't do anything together either, Kara was out with Zach, no clue where Kimball was, and Emmalee and Allison were gone somewhere too...

School has been so-so, Algebra II is a major pain in the butt, didn't do so great this semester in that class. Got a C+, not a good thing...

Tonight was pretty casual. After school, I practiced guitar for about three hours or so. Worked a tiny bit on Obvious (with vocals) just to make sure I could do it perfectly (that song is way too easy). I'll be playing Obvious with Mitch, The River (acoustic) with my dad on Harmonica, and a solo of Dare You To Move. Should be fun this Tuesday.

Tomorrow is the 9th Grade Night Dance, get out of school all day to decorate and crap. Should be fun, hopefully better then our last school dance *ick*